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Seth Fitts

     Seth is a U.S. artist and illustrator graduating in 2003 from the University of West FA with a BFA concentrating in painting. His work incorporates drawing, painting, collage, photography, printmaking, and digital media. Seth’s projects include illustrating books and book covers, creating album covers, and designing posters. He continues work on a growing body of personal work.

     Seth was nominated for the Boston Globe Horn Book Award in 2013 for the book, Birds I’ve Met Through the Alphabet. Seth was also an exhibition finalist for the 2013 Original Art Award given annually by the Society of Illustrators for, Birds I’ve Met Through the Alphabet.

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            Alicia Brock Alsip

     Alicia received a Bachelor's Degree in Education with a certification in Art from the University of Georgia. 

She was a classroom instructor in Georgia and served as a missionary teacher in Mexico. Alicia inherited a love of both art and the American West from her father, Billy, who was a cowboy at heart. 

     Dedicated to the preservation of beauty in all scenes and characters, Alicia aspires to capture the truth of the imagination's most vivid dreams. The very spirit and essence in each of her subjects stands out in every brush stroke. 

     She resides in Carrollton, Georgia with her husband, Clay, and her children, Bryn and Brock. 

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Charr Floyd 

Charr is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B. A. in Sequential Art, and an M. F. A. in Illustration. In addition to various portraits and illustrations for private investors, he has done mural work and teaches at various art camps for children; as well as being the premier artist for the Street of Dreams show in 2001 as well as the Up and Coming Young Artist's show. To date, he has illustrated three children's books and contributed to several films. Charr currently lives in Savannah, Georgia, working as a freelance artist. 

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Mary Mallory

    Mary has a Bachelors of Science in Art Education as well as a Masters Degree and a Specialist Degree in Education Leadership. In addition to teaching experience at the University of West Georgia, for the past 12 years she has been an art educator in the Carrollton, Georgia, school system, teaching students from kindergarten thru grade 12. Included in her colorful artwork are golf paintings and house portraits. As a child, Mary traveled the world with her father who then served in the Army. The mother of three beautiful daughters, she now lives in quaint Bowdon, Georgia.


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